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Frequently Asked Questions

-Q: Do you do Pre-Sale?
 For furniture items only!

-Q: What's the difference between Pre-Sale & Pre-Sale Purchasing?
-A: Pre-Sale is where you shop larger items we have for sale before the scheduled date &
Pre-sale Purchasing is where you purchase furniture online & pick-up specific items during sale or prep hours.

-Q: What can I purchase Pre-Sale?
As of March 2023, we'll be doing Online Pre-Sale for non-bulk items only, such as furniture pieces + sets, vehicles, etc.  Descriptions, quality notes, & pricing will be provided in direct messages, image descriptions & 'Facebook Marketplace' listing details.

-Q: Can you hold items?  
-A: If the furniture or larger item is purchased through Zelle, Venmo,
Call-In, it will be held after scheduling a pick-up time & date.

 Do you accept retainers or deposits?  
-A: We'll no longer be accepting retainers or deposits.

-Q: Do I get to check out the sale before everyone else does?
-A: We will be discontinuing the practice for collections. Vinyl records, decor, clothing, vintage toys, etc. until further notice.

-Q: How do I contact 360 Estate Sales for Online Pre-sale?
-A: There are a few ways to contact us:

Option #1: From our 'Contact Form' at the bottom of our 'Home Page'-
- Filling out & submitting a question through the 'Contact Form' sends an email regarding your inquiry to a Customer Service Representative:


Option #2: Through our 'Sales Events' Page &
-When you arrive at our 'Sales Events' Pages, click the "More Info" tab to be brought
to that exact sale's page:

Untitled design (2).png
Untitled design (3).png

The page contains photos, sale schedule, address (Address is revealed 24 hours before sale begins.) & extra info:

Untitled design (4).png

Scroll down & you'll see the photo gallery.
When you see an item that you wish to purchase Pre-Sale, you'll click the image & click "ACTIONS" then "Message Seller":

Untitled design (5).png

After clicking "Message Seller"- you'll once again, scroll down & fill out the form below:

Untitled design (6)_edited.jpg

-Q: Even though I can't purchase collection items through Online Pre-Sale, can I still ask for pricing & other information?
-A: Yes, please reach out in advance for small item pricing information. We have limited availability & you'll have to wait until the scheduled sale days to purchase & pick up in person.

-Q: When is the best time to make contact for pricing inquiries?
-A: Contact us anytime for furniture! For small item inquiry, reach out one week before the sale starts.

Best days to make contact for small item pricing is before the scheduled prep days. You'll receive the desired information on the following Monday, Tuesday, (or sometimes Wednesday) when we go in for that sale's prep date.


-Q: I inquired about an item & its image was later removed. Was it Pre-Sold? (or) I saw an item online & its not at your sale.
-A: Unfortunately, we can only do so much to provide an accurate inventory to those following our sales. Sometimes, items get removed last minute. If a furniture item is pre-purchased, we do our best to mark it sold on time.

-Q: Can I call or text for Online Pre-Sale?
-A: There can be a delay in answering emails, texts & calls, but it doesn't hurt to ask! Contact us anytime!

Why didn't I get a response for my inquiry? -A: We try our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner. If there was a missed text or an unanswered email, still try again in the future.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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