Frequently Asked Questions

-Q: Do you do Pre-Sale?
Yes! Pre-Sale Purchasing. (Online Pre-Sale)

-Q: What's the difference between Pre-Sale and Pre-Sale Purchasing?
-A: Pre-Sale is where you shop the sale before the scheduled date &
Pre-sale Purchasing is where you purchase & pick-up specific items.

-Q: What can I purchase Pre-Sale?
As of March 2022, we'll be doing Online Pre-Sale for large items only, such as furniture pieces + sets, vehicles, etc.  Descriptions, quality notes, & pricing will be provided on & 'Facebook Marketplace'.

-Q: Can you hold items?  
-A: If the item is purchased through Zelle, Venmo, Call-In, it will be held after scheduling a pick-up time & date.

 Do you accept retainers or deposits?  
-A: We'll no longer be accepting retainers or deposits.

-Q: Do I get to check out the sale before everyone else does?
-A: We will be discontinuing the practice for small items at the start of March 2022.

-Q: How do I contact 360 Estate Sales for Online Pre-sale?
-A: There are a few ways to contact us:

Option #1: From our 'Contact Form' at the bottom of our 'Home Page'-
- Filling out & submitting a question through the 'Contact Form' sends an email regarding your inquiry to a Customer Service Representative:


Option #2: Through our 'Sales Events' Page &
-When you arrive at our 'Sales Events' Pages, click the "More Info" tab to be brought
to that exact sale's page:

Untitled design (2).png
Untitled design (3).png

The page contains photos, sale schedule, address (Address is revealed 24 hours before sale begins.) & extra info:

Untitled design (4).png

Scroll down & you'll see the photo gallery.
When you see an item that you wish to purchase Pre-Sale, you'll click the image & click "ACTIONS" then "Message Seller":

Untitled design (5).png

After clicking "Message Seller"- you'll once again, scroll down & fill out the form below:

Untitled design (6)_edited.jpg

-Q: Even though I can't purchase smaller items through Online Pre-Sale, can I still ask for pricing & other information?
-A: Yes, but you'll have to wait until the scheduled sale days to purchase & pick up in person.

-Q: When is the best time to make contact for Online Pre-Sale & inquiries for smaller items?
-A: The best day to contact us for Online Pre-Sale & smaller item inquiry is the Sunday prior to the Sale. You'll receive the desired information on the following Monday, Tuesday, or (sometimes) Wednesday when we go in for sales prep.


-Q: I inquired about an item & its image was later removed. Was it Pre-Sold? (or) I saw an item online & its not at your sale.
-A: Unfortunately, we can only do so much to provide an accurate inventory to those following our sales. Sometimes, items get removed last minute. If an item is purchased, we mark it sold.

-Q: Can I call or text for Online Pre-Sale?
-A: There can be a delay in answering texts & calls, but it doesn't hurt to try!

Message us if you have any more questions! Thank you for your time!